Flash Casino

If you love a few bonzer games to play but you hate the thought of downloading casino software, Xpokies gives you everything you want in one convenient place. This is our Flash casino – our instant play experience that comes chock full of all the finest games around.

You’ll find the best pokies and slots in our Flash casino, of course. But you also get new games, video poker, table games, and more to look forward to. There are so many delights to wait for at Xpokies, we guess you’ll want to hang around longer than ever before.

We’re not Flash… but our site certainly is!

How easy is it to get Adobe Flash?

About as easy as it could be. It is created by software developer Adobe, and you can download the appropriate version for your computer. Just visit the official Adobe site and choose the free download. There is no need to open an account with Adobe to do this either. Just follow the instructions and you’re ready to begin. There is no charge, and you’ll find everything very easy to follow and complete too. There are lots of reasons why you might want to switch to Flash casino play, and you’ll find out more about those shortly.

Once you have Adobe Flash installed, you will need to allow Xpokies Casino to run the software. You’ll see a message pop up when you first visit our casino. Just allow it to run and you shouldn’t have any problems. All the Flash content on our site will then load and be ready to go.

Can you play at Xpokies Casino on your PC or Mac?

Yes – just be sure you download the correct Flash software for your PC or your Mac, depending on which is appropriate. Again, following the simple instructions should be all that is required for this to work like a charm.

What is a Flash casino?

You might have heard of a Flash casino but wondered what on earth people were talking about. We’ve got a Flash casino right here for you, and you’ll see it offers you a great opportunity to enjoy some superb games.

While some players refer to such a casino as a Flash casino, you will also hear it called an instant play casino. This means you can instantly begin to play your chosen games. There is no delay as you only need to enable Flash on your computer for the games to begin. If you choose the downloadable casino alternative, you need to wait for the download to complete, install it by following the instructions, then go into the casino. It can take a while longer.

Flash games load quickly in your browser, so you’ll be playing before you know it. They give you the usual demos and real games too, so you won’t miss out on a thing.

Comparing a Flash casino to a download casino

We know choosing a Flash game over a software download is much faster. It’s also down to trust for many people. While Xpokies offers you safe software to download if you’d rather access our casino that way, you might just want to choose a game and get on with playing it. We wouldn’t blame you, given the great gaming collection we’ve got ready and waiting for you.

Our Flash casino is also more convenient and makes more sense if you are always playing on different computers. Who would want to download software all over the place? When you choose Flash games, that’s not an issue.

Comparing a Flash casino to a mobile casino

Flash is designed to provide a fast and effective game platform on computers. It doesn’t work on some mobile devices such as iPads, for example. If you want to play on your computer, our Flash casino could be your preferred method of play. If you’d rather go to our mobile site, you can rest assured our mobile games are designed to load and present themselves quickly there too. We work hard behind the scenes to make sure you never experience any issues at all.

Mobile casinos are designed to be accessible on smaller screens and are therefore designed differently. That’s a plus though, as it means you can enjoy Xpokies on your mobile device while still enjoying Flash games on your computer.

What are the advantages of playing games at a Flash casino?

No waiting, for one! Many players are surprised at how fast the games will load. If you have an account, you can get started wagering some real bets on your top games whenever you’re ready. If you’d rather play some demo versions before you get that far, you simply need to log into your Xpokies account and choose a demo from there.

You can also easily switch from one game to another. The whole experience is designed to be speedy and smooth – just what you want from our casino, we guess. Isn’t that right?

It also doesn’t matter which browser you use. You can stick with your preferred browser and Flash will do the rest.

Appreciate our collection of impressive 3D slots today

Once you have Flash installed and enabled for Xpokies, you will get the chance to appreciate every inch of our casino. That includes diving straight into some awesome 3D games you may never have seen before. The power of Flash means you can appreciate 3D games that appear to pop right out of your screen. If you’ve never experienced them before, perhaps today is the best today to make it happen.

Have you discovered these popular Flash slot themes?

We could write pages upon pages on this topic, for sure! The great thing about Flash slots is they can take you anywhere, from ancient Rome and Egypt to the far-flung future and into outer space. You can meet all kinds of characters, from fictitious ones to those who were once walking the earth.

Other themes include Oriental and Asian themes, outdoor themes, horror and seasonal themes, and much more besides. Do you have a favorite? Chances are you’ll find games that fit that theme at Xpokies today.